There are some great sites dedicated to the game of checkers spread across the internet, many of which show up in the links section. These sites contain lots of great information, but they all seem to lack something for the beginner. The goal of my site is to provide an easy to follow guide for the beginner on improving their playing ability. These pages will guide interested players from learning the rules and basic concepts of checkers to advanced topics such as Openings, mid game structures and end game play. This will be the hub for tournament coverage as well!

More content will be added weekly!


— TravisW 9/7/2014

Second Position

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Another position demonstrated by William Payne. This position is not as difficult to navigate as First Position, but the solution is far longer. Second position occurs when, as in the example below, a... READ MORE

2015 VA Open – Results

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We had a fantastic turnout this year for the Virginia Open Tournament! Unfortunately, due to hotel booking issues we ended up having to host the tournament in Burlington, North Carolina. Even with all... READ MORE

First Position

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William Payne is credited for publishing this position, among others considered standard positions. This is a critical position for any player to understand. Knowledge of the position can greatly increase a player’s chances... READ MORE